How the fuck do you use WordPress!

How the fuck do you use WordPress!

So. I was thinking this would be kinda fun! Something not too serious. God knows I love my rants but for fucks sake…. Ive spent all night not even being able to make a post because im apparently a fucking moron.  Maybe this wasnt the best thing to try to do after working 4 12 hour days.  Oooh…I can add pictures. Im getting the hang of it. #ADD

So its telling me to tell you what Im doing with this. Basically…Its for me. If you are nosy and want to read it…run with it. But heres the deal. Dont complain that I say fuck, can be inappropriate or can be offensive. If you know me (which Im assuming you do… otherwise thats sort of creepy and now im wondering how you found me) you also know I am all of those things and more including kind and I would never purposely hurt anyones feelings. That being said….dont be a pussy either.  Again….this is for me not you. Get your own page if you wanna bitch. This is my place. My life is an ongoing comedy of errors. This will be my journal of sorts.


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