Weekly Photo Challenge: What does your Morning look like?


The weekly photo challenge is what does your morning look like? This about sums it up. Quiet….a cupcake for breakfast…because its Saturday and I can sleep in and Im a grown ass woman so I can eat cupcakes for breakfast if I want 🙂

My mornings are my time. I pray. I think about the day ahead. I make my list for the day (because I love lists). Lay in bed with my dog while having my morning coffee and browse facebook. One of my all time favorite activities in the morning is hiding people I dont want to see on facebook. Its nicer than deleting them and there are quite a few people on there whose shit I just dont want to see but also dont want to be mean. It makes me happy. It makes me feel like Im cleaning up my life. I have my own negative thinking….I dont need to see yours first thing in the morning. I will usually journal and just try to keep things light. Keep in mind that this is a Saturday.

On a business day…Im waking up 10 minutes or more AFTER my alarm blares…im running to get ready and out the door while grabbing my coffee and my shit. Its crazy. I can get ready in 3 minutes flat because I like to sleep more than i like to primp.


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