Daily Prompt: Word of the Day: Luxury

I really had to think about this one a bit today. My first thought was that what I have today are luxury problems lol.  I suppose its all about perspective but I think everything outside of my basic needs are a luxury. I live on a 2 x 4 mile island that people pay thousands of dollars to come to for a weekend. I GET to live here. I pay for it 🙂 but its worth it. And its a luxury. Down here even having a washer and dryer on property is a luxury. Most people in the world assume if you have a house then duh of course you have a washer/dryer. The fact is that many rentals here on the island do not have them. I will be forever grateful that i do! 🙂

Some other luxuries in my life (This could technically be a gratitude list as well)

Its a luxury when i get to sleep in, when I get to go to the bathroom alone for 5 seconds (because Im a mom), that I can get anywhere I want to go within 4 miles, that i dont have to drive…ever if I didnt want to (actually..having a car down here is a luxury), to not sit in traffic like the mainland is a luxury, being able to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee because i remembered to set the coffee maker on a timer the night before is a luxury, being surrounded by the wide open ocean that I can play on anytime I want, Being able to work for myself is a luxury in 100 different ways, being able to afford to buy a back up pair of glasses today (for some people its hard to buy one pair. Those fuckers are expensive), being able to trade work for monthly massages is a double luxury, I have the luxury of independence and a million other things that i really try not to take for granted… favorite though is the luxury of travel (see the above photo) Being able to stay on the water for a race with my closest girlfriends and have a big ass tub that we can all fit in AND bubbles. Now that shits a luxury!






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