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Gratitude Lists

Gratitude Lists

I love lists. There is one list I make daily and thats a gratitude list. This list has saved me over and over again when things in my life have gone to hell in a hand basket. Three at a time of course because thats how it always seems to happen for me.  They keep my life in perspective whenever I start thinking I dont have enough, dont do enough or that I am not enough. They remind me that I am. They remind me that my needs have always been taken care of and my wants will never be satisfied. They remind me that Im surround by good at every turn and whatever the bullshit-du-jour that is happening at the moment is not going to kill me, Ill walk through it and it will pass.

My gratitude for today is for a woman named Tracey Bird with Staywell insurance. Im very grateful every day that the state of Florida has insurance for all children up to 18 through Florida Healthy Kids. This past year when I had to put my daughter in rehab after she almost OD’d and was in the grips of opiate addiction, staywell helped me (along with about 100 other people) to get my daughter into rehab. Getting help for a child under 18 for any mental health/drug addiction, etc…. is almost impossible for some reason especially here in Key West. If you do get help it is literally a full time job around the clock of phone call after phone call, nonstop hoops because no one can seem to help or point you in the right direction, faxing 100s of documents and anything else they now needed yesterday. Its full of Baker acts and Marchman acts only to have miami, Lauderdale or Palm Beach call and say you need to come get them today…and its noon…..and you live 4 hrs away…and well frankly, they dont give a fuck. Its about taking days off work and missing time and god forbid you have other kids who are in school, etc and moving all that around. In a nutshell. Its a fucking nightmare.

Anyhow, back to Staywell. They were on top of everything, Pat called weekly to check on things and see if i needed anything and recently this new lady Tracy has been calling and checking on us. She filled me in today on things about my daughters plan that I had no clue about that will save us money every month and make certain things way easier. She was amazing and extremely helpful. I was grateful that I was able to tell her that she should be very proud of the company she works for and that all of the work they put in is changing lives and helping. They are helping parents who are standing on their lawn crying on the phone to a friend because the parent is doing everything everyone tells them to do and still no one can help and every road is a dead end and they are feeling completely lost and hopeless. (that was me).  They gave me hope and support. I hope she feels as much gratitude for the company she works for as I feel tonight for working with them.

Im writing this because 1) having teenagers can totally suck 2) drugs are everywhere and if someone is going through this shit too and feels completely lost, hopeless and alone….they know theres help and i have just a few answers on that front and 3) because I love to write letters when a company sucks (Comcast, DIRECT TV, Dell, Apple people who work with apple IDs) so it makes me happy to express when someone rocks the fuck out of what they do. Staywell & Tracey & Pat….you all fuckin rock it. You are on my gratitude list today.

Oh..and my friend Kurt goes on todays as well for the super massive pack of ultra fine sharpies in every color of the rainbow so we can draw!!!

And clean white sheets straight out of the dryer

And whatever the Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner is that I picked up that makes your scalp cool and tingly and eucalyptus-y smelling. It feels and smells amazing and makes me happy

And no alarm clocks tonight so I can sleep in as late as i want tomorrow cause its saturday and my god lies me to sleep in 🙂