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Manniquin Madness..Closed Out!

Finally. Shes done. 60+ hours and lots of late nights and my mannequin is finished. I have no idea what Im doing with her but the process was so much fun!!!!!!


Mannequin Madness Part 2

Mannequin Madness Part 2

Well. Shes coming along. I just couldnt resist working on the torso tonight. She makes me kinda happy. Once I get the goundwork done then ill go back in and put in countless hours coloring and painting every nook and cranny. Of course I couldnt resist pasties because well…Its Key West. We love pasties. (and she will probably be wearing a tutu in the end because well…..we love tutus too!) Its all about having fun with it. I dont have a clue what im going to do with her when I finally finish but she will probably go on our front porch to wave to the neighbors and tourists 🙂 I have a nice white rocking chair out there with her name on her. The nice thing is that my daughter has enjoyed jumping in and helping with her. She loves to draw and is quite creative so she hops in here and there and its become sort of a family project. Im estimating 60+ hours in all by the time shes done but we’ll see. Maybe more, doubtfully less.

Easy Like Sunday Morning… Paint: Mannequin Madness

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13913752_10210266957368968_5589653758971643994_oWhat does my morning look like? Well….My morning is looking like afternoon since I went to bed at 7 am. Coincidentally, Todays Daily prompt word was Paint. Thats perfect cause Im covered in it 🙂

Meet Mannequin Madness. My latest project. Im always up to something.  I happened to pick this beauty up at a yard sale. She is from the now long closed Fast Buck Freddies here in Key West and I got her for $10. Can you believe that shit! Anyway, she is my new muse. Ill be taking her piece by piece over the next few weeks and giving her new life. The problem with these projects or any projects when it comes to me is that once i start I get immersed in the process and just cant stop.

I wanted to sleep last night, however my mind was still going. Something is going on with me creatively lately. It started with new business cards. (which I didnt need) Then a new website. (again…dont need). I can rarely take on new clients but there I was til 4 am each night still working on a website because the ideas just kept coming!!!! Then came this blog……This was a way to get back to journaling every day. Now Im excited about it and my mind is racing!!! I have a million things going through my mind at all times and now im back to a place where I used to be where I have to sleep with a notebook on my bed for when I cant sleep just to get what im thinking about out of my head. Thats an amazing place to be.

So here we go. Enjoy your Sunday!