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A Few Of My Favorite Things….

fav things

As I was getting dressed last night it occurred to me that I have certain favorite things. The things I love. That make me feel like me. And I also realized that 99.9 % of them are from right here on our little island. These are some of my favs, as well as my fav designers.

  1. These gorgeous beaded bracelets from Chan Luu are handcrafted in Kenya by ethical sustainable womens’ co-ops. They add just the right touch to dress up a casual island look. The Green Pineapple Key West, An Eco-Chic Boutique is an amazing boutique on Duval Street. Debbie the owner is an amazing woman and Karen is such a joy to see every time I walk in!!! Side not: Ive known Karen since she used to be at a shop called Kindred Spirits on Simonton Street (which funny enough is now Isle Style…Another boutique Ill mention). That used to be my escape when I needed a short break to walk away from work and disappear for a few minutes to get my good juju back. I still have the copy of the angel cards that I bought there that were a display that I begged her to sell me because they were exactly what I needed at the time. I still use them on a regular basis and refuse to replace them.  If you happen to come down make sure to save room for lunch at Date & Thyme  inside!!! It is a delicious organic natural foods cafe, juice bar & market inside the shop!!!
    I get the Mezze plate once or twice a week because I cant stand how amazing it is!!!
  2. These earrings were made for me in a bar one afternoon after telling Karen what I was looking for. (theres something beautiful about that kind of customer service!!!!) Zen by Karen Moore is one of my all time favs and I have many of her pieces but these are my easy go-tos. She uses natural elements infused into unique creations that will enhance your wardrobe & your well-being. Each piece she does comes with a little note card of the meaning behind the stones used and on top of making beautiful pieces she is one of the most amazing women ever.
  3. The one woman I may drive crazier on the island than anyone because im always looking for something specific is Abigail (Baltimore in the house!!!) that owns The Gilded Peach on Truman. She makes very unique gemstone jewelry and my necklaces for years have been hers. She offers everything from super simple (which I love) to some very flashy pieces. Over the years shes added to necklaces for me, fixed clasps and entertained my every whim of what I think i want. In addition, this last year shes done some jewelry classes. I was lucky enough to take one at The Studios of KW last year and it was SO fun!!! Shes a great teacher and it was an absolute blast with the other women. Also the starter box she gives you to begin with had the best jewels in it ever!!
  4. Because I have to mix in basics…these ivory looking flowers are from Claires Boutique. Yup Claires. I keep a back up because I wear them every single day. Simple and people always think I got them somewhere fancy 🙂 1.99 bitchez!
  5. Heres my other part of the 1% not in Key West for jewelry I wear constantly. I found this leather and turquoise wrap at a tiny festival in South Lake Tahoe a couple of years back. I wish to GOD that I could remember the designer because I love it and wear it constantly!!!!!! If that sounds familiar to anyone and they can tell me who the couple was Id be forever grateful!!!!!
  6. These two beauties are from My fav boutique on the island. Isle Style Salon, Spa & Boutique has an amazing boutique up front and in the back is an amazingly peaceful zen garden and that is surrounded by the spa and salon. Im in there every week because they are constantly getting new stuff in and changing things around and I just cant help but give them my money. Oakleigh the owner does an AMAZING job and I love that she has such a huge array of inventory price wise. You can spend a little or a lot. Aubrey behind the desk is always fun to see whenever I go in too! Love the ladies that work there.  The small pinky ring that is silver and turquoise is also from there!!!
  7. Whenever Im looking for fancy dresses or something pretty I swing by Wanderlust on Petronia. Not only do I love catching up with Casey but I love to wander around and see all of the fun dresses, bags, shoes and jewelry shes gotten in. She great at advice on what goes together and she does some awesome sales!!!! These earrings were my newest purchase!!!!!!
  8. This last ring came from who knows where but I love it!!!!!